Fedral Minister



Textile sector is an important part of Pakistan’s economy, and it contributes over 58% to the total exports of the country. Due to intrinsic importance, the Government of Pakistan created a separate Ministry of Textile Industry in 2004 to boost up the textile sector.

Textile sector is the most prominent sector in the economic growth, and it is a major employment provider; 40% of the total work force is engaged in this sector. Under the WTO post quota scenario, the country appears to have the potential of becoming aleading force in the world-wide textile. MINTEX has successfully re-energized domestic industry that will be a vital and more growth is expected covering more relating sectors.

Textile Industry is confronting new challenges in the context of shortage of Electricity and Gas, overall recession in the global economy and also liberalizedglobal trade; Government is much aware of this fact and anticipated efforts are being made to make the textile and clothing sector more dynamic, competitive and to maintain its inherent strength by providing a level playing field to the industry as compared to the regional competitors.

 In the end, I would like to express my gratitude for the Officers/Officials of the Ministry for their contribution in enabling this Ministry to play an effective role in serving the textile industry.


Federal Minister for Textile Industry