On 24th September 2013, a meeting of Secretaries of Agriculture, Punjab and Sindh with Secretary Textile Industry Division was held in the Committee Room of Textile Industry Division, Islamabad. Director General (Research), Director General (Agriculture Extension) of Governments of Sindh/Punjab, Cotton Commissioner and Deputy Secretary (Cotton) were also present. Dr. Khalid Abdullah, Cotton Commissioner, briefed the house about various issues faced by the cotton sector in the country. The following decisions were taken during the meeting:-

  1. The Cotton Control Ordinance 1966 would be implemented in true spirit for grading and standardization of cotton.
  2. The cotton arrival data would be collected by the provinces under the said ordinance and shared with Textile Industry Division.
  3. The Division offered provinces to provide computer interface for real time update of data at District/Tehsil level.
  4. The IT experts of Textile Industry Division will hold a meeting with IT experts of Sindh Government for developing a mobile application system for data collection
  5. National Bio Safety Committee (NBC) would be approached for early approval of BT Cotton varieties and to authenticate the event of genes as practiced in other countries
  6. Ministry of National Food Security & Research (NFS&R) would be sensitized for early approval of pending seed related legislation.