Third meeting of Cotton Crop Assessment Committee (CCAC) 2013-14.

Ministry of Commerce and Textile Industry

Textile Industry Division

Government of Pakistan


Press Release (23-09-2013)


Third meeting of Cotton Crop Assessment Committee (CCAC) 2013-14 was held today at Textile Industry Division, under the chairmanship of Ms. Rukhsana Shah, Federal Secretary, Textile Industry Division. Representatives of Provincial Governments, All Pakistan Textile Mills Association (APTMA), Pakistan Cotton Ginners Association (PCGA), Karachi Cotton Association, Pakistan Central Cotton Committee (PCCC), Pakistan Cotton Standards Institute (PCSI), Trading Corporation of Pakistan (TCP) Department of Plant Protection (DPP) and cotton growers from Punjab and Sind provinces attended the meeting. The committee met to re-assess the second assessment of 12.655 million bales and the volume of current cotton crop in the country.

After welcome address by the chair, an overview of cotton crop production in the country was presented by Dr. Khalid Abdullah, Cotton Commissioner. Challenges faced by the cotton crop especially low availability of irrigation water at the time of sowing, problem of low germination of seed and its poor quality, flood damages and attack of cotton pests were discussed in detail.

 Representatives of the Government of Punjab informed that during 2013-14, cotton crop was planted on an area of 5,408,000 acres against the target of 60,000,00  acres, showing 9% decrease from target and 5.2% decrease from the last year’s area sown. It was also informed that rain and floods further damaged 1,20,000 acres. The losses estimation is still to be calculated. Decrease in sowing was mainly attributed to the lower prices of seed cotton during last two-three years and farmers preference towards maize, sugarcane and rice crops due to monetary advantages over cotton. Moreover, rains have delayed harvesting of potato crop in Upper Punjab which has also resulted in late / less sowing of cotton crop in those areas.

Representative of Government of Sindh stated that 574,504 hectares was sown against 650,000 hectares during last year depicting 13% decrease in sowing. He further stated that early sown cotton crop in Lower Sindh is attacked by Pink bollworm and Mealybug while 5-10% of Kacha area was damaged due to floods in Upper Sindh.  

Farmer members from Sindh and Punjab showed concern over the decreasing trend of plant population, poor seed quality and increasing cost of essential inputs. Cotton growers also wowed over the pesticide issue for government policy of granting trade name to generic pesticides which results in higher prices and cause confusion for farmers as well. The Chair took a notice of this issue and ensure to take up the matter with relevant Division.

Ms. Shah emphasized on the availability of quality cotton seed which ensures enhanced production. She further directed the PCGA to keep standard bale weight in the national interest.  The Chair emphasized over the proper implementation of Cotton Control Ordinance 1966 in order to resolve the contamination and standardization issues. She told the house the textile Industry Division is coordinating with provincial Governments in this regard. Secretary, Textile Industry Division was informed that the variety approval process was delayed at the National Bio-safety center (NBC).  Secretary textile Industry Division assured the house that the matter would be taken up with concerned authorities in order to ensure the availability of certified seed and timely approval of newly developed Bt varieties. 

The house agreed on the following crop estimates based on the available information:  


Expected Production Million Bales (170kg)







Khyber Pakhtonkhawa






The meeting was adjourned with a vote of thanks to and from the chair.