Training Workshop on Total Color Management in Textiles at NTU Faisalabad

A short Course by EDPIU Sub office Faisalabad on

Total Colour Management in Textiles

Export Development Plan Implementation unit of Ministry of Textiles conducted a one day training workshop in National Textile university Faisalabad under the topic of Total Colour Management in textiles in the computer Lab of IT centre. The managerial level from different processing industries participated in the event and refreshed their knowledge about the colour sciences, as they are dealing with it on every moment while dyeing the fabric.

The workshop was conducted by Dr.Tanveer Hussain dean Faculty of Engineering and technology in NTU while the course covered the following topic,    

         I.      Elements of color perception: Light, object, eye

       II.      Standard illuminants: D65, TL84, CWF, etc.

     III.      Defective color vision, its types and diagnosis

     IV.      Specification and communication of color: Hue, Chroma/saturation, Value/Lightness, etc.

       V.      CIELab system for specifying color: X, Y, Z; L*,a*, b*, C, h coordinates

     VI.      Colour measuring instruments: Spectrophotometers (Datacolor, X-Rite, Minolta, etc.)

   VII.      Colour measurement of textile fabrics and dye solutions

 VIII.      Measurement of white and optically brightened fabric samples

    IX.      Colour tolerance for consistent pass/fail decisions

      X.      Colour inconstancy and metamerism

    XI.      Colour matching: additive and subtractive color mixing

  XII.      Database preparation for successful color matching

XIII.      Steps for Superior color control in dye house

XIV.      Factors for right first time coloration




Knowing the fact that Effective and efficient color management is the key to success in textile and apparel industry, in order to deliver the right color, right first time, just in time, the participants appreciated this effort and acknowledged that this effort of ministry of Textile industry has broaden their knowledge about the colour sciences and these kind of efforts continue in future.