Islamabad, the 15th May, 2014


US Deputy Counselor for Economic Affairs Susan McFee called on the Federal Minister for Textile Industry Mr Abbas Khan Afridi. Implementation of international labour standards in Pakistan was discussed in detail.  The deputy counselor added that Pakistan is not the only country adversely affected by the labour standards certification. The country should immediately come up with a comprehensive strategy on labour standards in order to meet the ILO requirements.

The Federal Minister stated that the ministry is already in consultation with the   ministries of commerce and finance on policy regarding labour standards.  Soon the federal government will finalize a comprehensive labour policy in collaboration with the provincial governments. The minister also raised the issue of ban by Walt Disney on textile imports from Pakistan and expressed hope that the company would provide some waiver as Pakistan is working diligently on labour issues. The minister added that in the upcoming textile policy special emphasis would be laid on the implementation of labour standards in the textile industry.

The US deputy counselor mentioned that US would support the measures by the government of Pakistan towards compliance with ILO standards. She apprised the minister that Pakistani textiles are preferred by the American companies and she hopes that all ends well at the end of the day.